Diary of Papiko

My ordinary days in CA.

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Lazy day

Today I don't feel like doing anything.I just wanna lay in my bed.The Lazy Songブルーノ・マーズポップ¥250Love this song!

Illustrations for fashion

I like reading books like these! Repost from @iwatamai Repost from @iwatamai Repost from @iwatamaiBut none of famous illustrators is not available on Kindle Unlimited.So I use Instagram instead.


I love playing Checkers!Checkers FreeOptime Software LLCゲーム無料Wanna learn how to play Chess too :)

Best miso soup!

My husband took me to a Hawaiian restaurant and I had miso soup and kimchi<3 I've had miso soup in US several times, but this miso soup was the best! The kimchi was also gooooood! Why a Hawaiian restaurant serves miso soup and kimchi? I ha…


I ordered these Headphones on Amazon. Source : https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B073TXDB7L/ref=ya_st_dp_summary?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It's for listening to bed time stories. I like listening to books while I'm trying to sleep 8-)


My husband and I went to our favorite Vietnamese restaurant and had our favorite noodles. It's called Vermicelli bowl. I googled its recipe and found some.First of all, I need to buy rice noodles :)

Decaf coffee

I got a bag of decaf coffee. Now, I can have some coffee at night :)!


I kind of want a knife to protect myself. They're not that expensive at all. Or should I get a gun?

Dollar Tree

I went to Dollar Tree. They sell all the stuff for $1!I bought a card for our anniversary :)And the store filled with Halloween goods👻

Apple TV

My husband bought an Apple TV.So far so good.I wanna write a review about it later!