Diary of Papiko

My ordinary days in CA.

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Christmas stuff

We went to Big lots yesterday and found some stylish Christmas stuff.I like the color. Gold and white.They're so pretty!


We got a wagon at Walmart the other day. It's really come in handy! You can put many stuff in it even your kids! My baby likes it too :)


We went to the hospital for our baby's 4 months checkup. And she's got 5 vaccinations in her tiny legs! She cried but did a good job! I'm so proud of her :)


We went to Walmart to got some gifts for our friends who moved to C.A. recently. We were glad kids loved this little tunnel! Their kids are adorable😍 I like to play with them :)


We went to a store to get some stuff.And they had a bunch of Halloween stuff so I enjoyed browsing and taking photos of them.Need to get some cute costume for my little monster♡ 💀👿🎃👻

Hungry mother

I got me a 500ml coke and two bags of beef jerky a couple days ago.I'm a breastfeeding hungry mom.I've got to eat a lot!


My husband got me a Large sized Mc cafe.With a Big Mac and 10 piece chicken nuggets.I like to eat McDonald's every once in awhile :)

Labor Day Sale

We went shopping because 60% off Labor Day sale was going on! Daddy got a bunch of outfits for his angel She has such a sweet daddy :)

Matching outfits

We wore matching outfits yesterday :)I wanna make some matching outfits after she starts walking😍


We went to the beach today.But we didn't have much time to chill.I wanna hold my baby and get into the water next time :)