Diary of Papiko

My ordinary days in CA.

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Baby clothes

We bought baby clothes at Walmart!So tiny so pink so cute


We went to Daiso and got a bunch of Japanese stuff!We spent about $65!

Jumanji 2017

We went to a mall to see a movie.We watched Jumanji. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Trailer #1 (2017) | Movieclips Trailers - YouTubeEverybody laughed a lot during the movie.It was really fun :D

Countdown app

I found another countdown app.DeeDay - beautiful countdown with a badgeAndrej Mihelicライフスタイル無料It countdowns days that you set up.And it shows the days on your screen as a badge.It countdowns my due date for me!I’m gonna be able to…

Chicken thigh

I got some chicken thighs at Walmart.It was $9.63 for 4.63lbs.That means roughly ¥963 for 2.1kg.≒ 100g=¥46Not bad deal at all :)

Breast pump equipment

I got my breast pump equipment from the hospital in a mail!They were all free!I’m so lucky!Thank my husband’s insurance :D

Hershey’s chocolate cake

We got Hershey's chocolate cake at a bakery in Walmart.It’s soft and sweetLove Hershey’s!Love Americaツ!

Japanese restaurant

We went to a Japanese restaurant and had wonderful dinner!This is my Ramen and our Gyoza! This is my husband‘s Tonkatsu with salad, rice and miso soup!It was happy hour time so my husband had a pitcher of Sapporo beer! They served really g…

Creme brulee

We got an organic Creme brulee at Trader Joe's.Creme brulee is my husband's favorite desert!It was good price, easy to prepare and of course tasted goooood :9!We would buy it again!


My husband took me to Daiso and got a bunch of Japanese foodMy most favorite thing is... Yumm(๑⃙⃘♥‿♥๑⃙⃘)