Diary of Papiko

My ordinary days in CA.

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Panda Express

I went to Panda Express. The fortune cookie said... "You will soon begin a new and fullfiling career."Actually, I will soon begin a new business.I hope it goes well!

Love this quote!

Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age 18.Albert Einstein

12 weeks!

I’ve just turned 12w/4m pregnant! My belly is still smaller than my husband’s though :P

Grocery at the Asian market

Grocery was quite expensive at the nearby Asian grocery store.I love Walmart and the Mexican grocery store!

Asian market

I went to a nearby Asian grocery store today.And I got them!!!!! (๑⃙⃘♥‿♥๑⃙⃘) The Ramen was $4.29 and the sprouts were $1.79.It was not a bad deal!

North Korea

I had a weird dream. I went to North Korea for my job. 〜I’m a housewife BTW〜And I couldn’t get out.It was a nightmare!

The lines in the movie "Fracture"

I watched this suspens movie on Netflix last night. And I liked the lines that Anthony Hopkins said in it. Repost from @zabackj"EVEN A BROKEN CLOCK IS RIGHT TWICE A DAY"It's a good one!

Halloween costumes

I kind of want a Halloween costume. Costumes for kids are so cute! But I think what I really want is a mask! Because if I bought a costume, I would want new one for next year.But if I bought a mask, I would use it for next several years 8-)

Piña colada

This is a Virgin pinacolada. It doesn’t contain any alcohol but makes me happy ッ

Newborn mittens

I wann make mittens for my baby! CROCHET How To #Crochet Easy Newborn Scratch Mittens #TUTORIAL #297 LEARN CROCHET - YouTubeIt protects from scratches that he/her would make on his/her face.One of must haves :)