Diary of Papiko

My ordinary days in CA.

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A Day With Quotes

Information is not knowledge. - EinsteinQuots http://twitter.com/EinsteinQuots/status/869554551204061184
18℃. A bit chilly. なう(2017/06/11 10:54:02)
Getting sunny and wormer :) なう(2017/06/11 15:37:51)
I'm making a ramen for dinner! なう(2017/06/11 16:01:48)
It's done! なう(2017/06/11 16:12:50)
It's time to feed my brain some knowledge. #bookworm なう(2017/06/11 17:16:43)
Quoted from >>> http://ift.tt/2siVqUg なう(2017/06/11 18:56:30)

I packed sleeping bags, blankets, and towels for camping :) なう(2017/06/11 21:35:34)

Have a good day 8-)
And talk to you later!