Diary of Papiko

My ordinary days in CA, USA.

Photo Journal

I woke up. It's time for me to take a shower ;) なう(2017/06/10 07:50:21)
It's raining today. June bloom in south CA. なう(2017/06/10 08:34:18)
It seems I have no time for taking English classes today AGAIN! Ummm I wanna solve the issue ASAP... なう(2017/06/10 14:26:18)
Dinner time! It's a sausage taco :) easy to make :))) なう(2017/06/10 16:25:03)
I heard that my belly said "Give me some more!". So, here's the thing called "DEJAVU" ;) なう(2017/06/10 16:33:54)
My belly, she's still hungry. That's what it seems like :9 なう(2017/06/10 17:03:15)
Here we go again :9! なう(2017/06/10 17:06:26)
Two ladies came over AGAIN and asked me if I'm interested in studying Bible. And I said the magic word "I'm a Buddhist". 2017/06/10 17:53:44
Okay. My belly seems satisfied :) Now, it's time to feed some knowledge to my brain! It's called READING TIME 8-) なう(2017/06/10 19:03:10)
I need to simplify things more. "Such as?" "Almost everything". That's what I learned from the book I read tonight. なう(2017/06/10 20:48:03)
It seems like Google likes my post about Castile soap :) Cuz many people visit and read it. https://t.co/4scypo6cKM なう(2017/06/10 21:08:47)
Okay, It's time to make plans for the road trip. Vegas to Grand Canyon! なう(2017/06/10 21:51:03)
Vegas has a lot of place to see and a lot of things to do. It's not easy to make plans. Grand Canyon as well. なう(2017/06/10 23:34:06)

Good night guys and talk to you soon 8-) なう(2017/06/10 23:35:22)