Diary of Papiko

My ordinary days in CA.

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Matching outfits

We wore matching outfits yesterday :)I wanna make some matching outfits after she starts walking😍


We went to the beach today.But we didn't have much time to chill.I wanna hold my baby and get into the water next time :)

Japanese stuff

One of my business partners sent me a bunch of Japanese stuff from Japan!I wish my baby could eat some candies...Maybe next time :)


My dad in law got me two cheese hamburgers, 10 pieces nuggets and French fries at Burgers King the other day. He didn't know what my preference was, so he got all kinds of sauces for the chicken nuggets! I tried this one for the first time…

Beautiful baby

We went shopping to get some birthday presents for a lady who I work for today.People always say that my baby is so beautiful!Yes, she is the most beautiful baby on the planet


It was a beautiful day today as always! I went to many places and I found pretty cakes at a grocery store. Cookie Monster! Elmo! Sponge Bob! Roses! I'm gonna get a cake on the day before my husband gets back :D

Cotton Candy

I bought this cotton candy at 99 cents only stores.My husband loved it and ate almost all of it :9

Daddy is home!

My husband is coming back home from Hawaii today :D I'm gonna get him at the airport soon! I'm glad that my baby can celebrate her first 4th of July with her daddy


Repost from @ladygaga @TopRankRepost #TopRankRepost I love the lgbtq 🏳️‍🌈 community more than I can say. So I’ll sing it instead. Forever. And that’s a NY promise. One love!❤️#equality

Cutie face

I like putting onesies on her so I can see this cute little faceSo adorable😍

Love quotes

"Life is like an onion. You peel it off one layer at a time, and sometimes you weep." - Carl Sandburg "That man is a success who has lived well, laughed often and loved much." - Robert Louis Stevenson "Being in love is the only transcenden…

4th of July cakes

I found 4th of July cakes and cookies at Walmart.They looked good!I kind of wanna have some on the day but my baby can't eat them :(Maybe next year!

Photo props

I got these photo props at 99 cents only stores.Can't wait to take photos on the 4th of July with my baby :)

Japanese restaurant

My husband took us to our favorite restaurant.I had a Chirashi sushi! This is a Teriyaki beef plate with tempra and California rolls which my dad in law got. I forgot to take a pic of my husband's plate :(But here's a photo of a pitcher of…

A good priced store

I found a good priced store!I didn't buy anything but I want a new pair of pants :)

Outfits for Father’s Day

We went to Father's Day Breakfast.We put cute outfit and belly badge on our baby.And I put myself the new favorite dress which I got at Goodwill the other dayAfter we ate and started taking pictures, she got her clothes dirty, we had to ch…

Harley girl

Harley girl!She's so adorable on her daddy's Harley😍But I don't want her to get one :(Riding motorcycles is dangerous :(((

Father’s Day card for Grandpa

I got a Father's Day card for my baby's grandpa which's my father in law.I hope he likes it :)


We went shopping today.We went to Walmart, Target and 99 cents only stores to buy some Moon pies.But I couldn't find them :(((

A little bug

She looks like a little tiny bug or something :)This little bug loves to stick to my chest ;)So cute😍


I put her a headdress (。・ω・。)❁。🌼.*・゚ .゚・*.A girl who outblooms the lovely‐colored rose.

Father’s Day card

My princess and I got a Father's Day card.It says... d is for daddy and d is also for daughter and this daughterloves her daddyso very much! Happy Father's Day XOXO We hope he likes it :)

Kangaroo family

My baby loves being held.When I work, cook, clean, even go to the bathroom, we're always together.My husband calls us a kangaroo mom and a baby :)


We went to Goodwill and my husband got me some outfits :)This dress is my favorite!They offered 50% off time sale for everything at the time, so the dress was like $3 :DWhat a lucky day!


Our princess loves taking showers/baths.She's enjoyed taking one with her daddy :)

Smily face

She started smiling a lot lately :)So cute😍


Our princess always sleeps in our bed or the baby carrier so she doesn't really use her crib.I put her in her crib to take pictures today.She's so adorable with the pink duvet and sheets😍

Getting ready for 4th of July!

I got this Happy 4th of July hat at 99 cents only store.This is the 1st time for her to celebrate Independence day this year.I wanna take a bunch of pictures of this cute little princess👸🏻👑*゚

Love quotes of the day

"What is love? It is the morning and the evening star." - Sinclair Lewis "The fate of love is that it always seems too little or too much." - Amelia Barr "The love of our private friends is the only preparatory exercise for the love of all…

Daddy’s birthday

My baby celebrated daddy's birthday for the 1st time the other day!The birthday hat and pink dress were nice on herI mean, everything is nice on her!That's my baby girl😍