Diary of Papiko

My ordinary days in CA.

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Repost from @theminimalists @TopRankRepost #TopRankRepost Minimalism is not a radical lifestyle: it is simply a way to bring balance to our lives.⠀⠀✒️ @joshuafieldsmillburn & @ryannicodemus⠀📷 Rex Pickar

For cat lovers

Repost from @mylife.mycat9 @TopRankRepost #TopRankRepost ..#catquotes #lovecats #ilovecats #lovecat #catlady Repost from @catquotes222 @TopRankRepost #TopRankRepost Dear mom, Thank you for the food you bring; and for that little catnip thi…

Money can't buy happiness

Repost from @theminimalists @TopRankRepost #TopRankRepost Money can’t buy happiness. We’ve all heard this phrase—and similar idioms, platitudes, and cliches—before. We’ve heard them ad nauseam.⠀⠀But the thing about platitudes is, well, the…


Love Quote of the Day : "The love that lasts longest is the love that is never returned." - W. Somerset Maugham Quote of the Day : "Friendship is Love without his wings!" - Lord Byron Funny Quote of the Day : "A good film is when the price…

After Valentine's day

After Valentine's day,The world is filled with a bunch of bunnies ᕱ⑅ᕱEaster is right around the corner 🐰🥚♥️

Lovely messages...<3

The little box of chocolates my husband gave me is too cute to throw away!I really like these hidden messages...I'm gonna keep the box for a while :*

The Minimalists

Repost from @theminimalists @TopRankRepost #TopRankRepost As far as I’m concerned, a bed has two purposes—neither of which include watching latenight reruns.⠀⠀Look around: we are in the throes of a torrent of multitasking. Everyone is atte…

Checkup on my baby

I went to the hospital for checkup on my baby in my belly.It was a bit chilly today.I told the midwife that my lower back and bones between my legs hurt, then they gave me a maternity belt for free!And she told me my baby seemed very healt…

Japanese market

I went to a Japanese market and got some groceries!This was the first time for me to buy Daikon in years!Can’t wait to eat it :9

Valentine's day gift

My husband sent a cute Valentine's day gift to me and our princess :DShe was so happy and jumping around when we got it :D

Baby products

Baby products are so attractive!Especially for baby girls :)I need to earn more money to buy stuff for my little girl!I always get motivated by her.Love my cute little girl!

Window Shopping

I went to Walmart for grocery shopping.Before buying groceries, I enjoyed window shopping and found pretty tanktops!I didn't buy any of them, I just browsed clothes 8-)Window shopping is entertainment!

Going for a walk

I went for a walk today.It felt like summer!Walking is the only exercise I can do during pregnancy.And I enjoy it :)

Burger King

After the hospital, I went to Burger King yesterday.I used these coupons.Yesterday's dinner!The total was $7.06. Not bad at all :)I couldn't eat all the French fries, so I got a bag to go.I’m gonna make some burritos out of it! 残ったフラ…


I went to the hospital for ultrasound.I’m 8 months pregnant now!My baby girl looked beautiful and healthy!Can’t wait to see her

New bags

I got these bags I bought on Amazon! バッグを色チ買いした理由|アメリカAmazon購入品公開 - ミニマリストinアメリカ Which one do you like?The black one? Or the brown one?I like this brown one better so I'm gonna return the black one.I love fr…


Nature Quote of the Day : "If you cut down a forest, it doesn't matter how many sawmills you have if there are no more trees." - Susan George Love Quote of the Day : "Love is a better teacher than duty." - Albert Einstein Funny Quote of th…

Mason jar

I like Mason jars!And this video was quite inspiring! 18 Clever Ways To Use A Mason Jar - YouTubeCheck it out 8-)


Quote of the Day : "Every failure is a step to success." - William Whewell Funny Quote of the Day : "We are all born mad. Some remain so." - Samuel Beckett Nature Quote of the Day : "The only Zen you can find on the tops of mountains is th…

Today's snacks

I went to the small store in my neighborhood and got some snacks.I used to love this sweet tea but I couldn’t enjoy it this time.Maybe my preference has changed since I got pregnant...!?


Quote of the Day : "We must make the best of those ills which cannot be avoided."- Clarence Day Funny Quote of the Day : "For your information, I would like to ask a question."- Samuel Goldwyn Art Quote of the Day : "Art is Art. Everything…


Quote of the Day : "A man who gives his children habits of industry provides for them better than by giving them fortune."- Richard Whately Nature Quote of the Day : "What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well."- Ant…

Quotes of the Day

Nature Quote of the Day : "The universe seems neither benign nor hostile, merely indifferent."- Carl Sagan Funny Quote of the Day : "Never wear anything that panics the cat."- P. J. O'Rourke Love Quote of the Day : "At the touch of love ev…


This is a good one!

Brainy Quote

BrainyQuote - Famous QuotesBrainyMedia, Inc.辞書/辞典/その他無料 Nature Quote of the Day : "Nothing is more beautiful than the loveliness of the woods before sunrise." - George Washington Carver Funny Quote of the Day : "Space isn't remo…

Miss my husband

Miss my husband... :’(

Dollar Tree

I'm gonna go to Dollar Tree tomorrow! DOLLAR TREE | 2018 | SHOP WITH ME | NEW ITEMS - YouTube


I'm too obsessed with programming to sleep! Excel VBA Basics #1 - Getting started with Range object, running and debugging - YouTubeIt's kind of playing video games.A-N-D I get paid with it.Awesome!

Today's snack

I went to the store and bought snacks :)This is the first time for me to eat potato chips in a couple of months!So excited :D

Room decor for my baby girl!

I like simple romms like a hotel room, but for my baby girl, I wanna decorate her room a lot! DIY ROOM DECOR! 18 Easy Crafts Ideas at Home for Teenagers | 2017 - YouTube DIY ROOM DECOR! 28 Easy Crafts Ideas at Home for Teenagers | Room Dec…