Diary of Papiko

My ordinary days in CA.

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A house in La Jolla

This is a house for RENT in La Jolla, CAI agree this is a nice house also located in a nice and safe neighborhood but $10,000(≒¥1,000,000) a month!!!???Who would be able to afford for RENT a house like this!!!???La Jolla is one of the mo…

Dream tents

Kids like these kinds of things!I wanna buy my baby girl a tent like this in the future :)


I went to booze section to buy some beer for my husband.And I found Japanese beer!Wow! It was much cheaper in the U.S.Japan’s taxes on booze are way more expensive than American’s.


The whole town smells like Christmas!I still don't know what I want for Christmas...!

Walmart coupon

I got a $10 coupon of Walmart!I’d like to buy some good meat :9

The words of Buddha

I like Buddhism."Your happiness isn't dependent on where you live, how much you weigh, or what you do for work. The key to happiness is appreciating what you have at this moment." ~Jessica Blanchard https://t.co/9JBvTcMFE5 pic.twitter.com/…

My new panties

I got my matanity panties from Amazon!Source : 5-Pack Women's Low Waist Maternity Briefs Under The Pump Belly Support Cotton Panties They’re super comfy!I Love them!I’d buy them again even after the delivery :D

Snack night!

I went to a small store in my neighborhood and got them.I was irritated because an Excel file was too much data to load.So I needed something heals me!

Tip of the day

Repost from @julie.jewels @TopRankRepost #TopRankRepost There is power in the #positive!Yes! Walk away from all the people who makes you unhappy and say hello to happier people!TIP OF THE DAY; Delete the people that make you feel bad about…

Trump vs Kim Jong-un

This is a good one!Why would Kim Jong-un insult me by calling me "old," when I would NEVER call him "short and fat?" Oh well, I try so hard to be his friend - and maybe someday that will happen!— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November…

OREO Hot chocolate<3

I got a box of OREO hot chocolate and marshmallowsLooks and tastes good!

Girl Power<3

Repost from @parishilton @TopRankRepost #TopRankRepost Start your day with my exclusive @ParisHiltonUnicornMist - Made with Natural Arctic Rose extracts + Marshmallow Eco + Aloe Juice to refresh & hydrate your skin! Get that unmistakable m…


Christmas is right around the corner!I don't know what I want for Christmas though.

Hershey’s cookies

These little guys heal my fatigue :)Luv Hershey’s

I got what I’d wanted!

I got this guy @ Walmart! I put stuff in for Taco. I’d wanted a container with a handle for a while!Now, I am super happy :D!

Baby stuff @ Walmart

I went to Walmart today and found little shoes!So tiny, so cute (๑⃙⃘♥‿♥๑⃙⃘)I wanna buy a lot of books for my baby!I want her to be smart!

15 weeks!

I’m 15 weeks/4 months pregnant!It’s gonna be 2nd trimester next week!

Paris Hilton

Hahaha! Repost from @parishilton @TopRankRepost #TopRankRepost Bitch stole my look! She seems she’s proud of herself for being copied by Barbie! Repost from @parishilton @TopRankRepost #TopRankRepost #OG Repost from @parishilton @TopRank…


Thanksgiving dinner!Thanksgiving is right around the corner!


She's absolutely the Queen of Halloween! Repost from @ladygaga @TopRankRepost #TopRankRepost Hair @fredericaspiras Makeup @sarahtannomakeup Costume Fashun Styling @germ_aphobenotta & @theladybruno @tomeerebout #halloween #HAUS #hausofgaga …

Miranda Kerr @ Halloween

She may be more beautiful than Madonnna :D Repost from @mirandakerr @TopRankRepost #TopRankRepost One of my most fun Halloween nights #fbf #marilyn 🎃👻😘

Ariana Grande @Halloween

Love her! Repost from @arianagrande Repost from @arianagrande @TopRankRepost #TopRankRepost relax Derek


Wow! BRATZ DOLL Makeup Transformation!!! - YouTubeJust Wow! :0

Instant Ramen

I wonder why American instant ramen doesn't taste right :(?Even Japanese company's ones too!

Christmas stuff

Dollar Tree's got a bunch of Christmas stuff!I wanna buy something because all the stuff is only $1!!!!

Marijuana drug test

I went to Dollar Tree and found this thing.Marijuana drug test kits!!!!!Of course, it only costs $1!

Halloween stuff @ CVS

I saw cute Halloween stuff at CVS! Repost from @dreamshorestudiosHalloween is right around the corner!Are you ready ;)?

Sailor bibs

I wanna make some sailor bibs for my baby girl in my tummy :) Repost from @rocketpear Repost from @jadeearpjonesI have some ideas in my head 8-)

Tiny trooper!

I wanna put sailor clothes on my baby girl(๑⃙⃘♥‿♥๑⃙⃘)I wanna make some for my little girl instead of buying!

Wanna be smart ? Or a pirate ?

I found funny snacks in a grocery store!You may be able to be smart 8-) You may be able to br a pirate ☠⚔💣💰 I wanna be the smart one 8-)!