Diary of Papiko

My ordinary days in CA.

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Lazy day

Today I don't feel like doing anything.I just wanna lay in my bed.The Lazy Songブルーノ・マーズポップ¥250Love this song!

Illustrations for fashion

I like reading books like these! Repost from @iwatamai Repost from @iwatamai Repost from @iwatamaiBut none of famous illustrators is not available on Kindle Unlimited.So I use Instagram instead.


I love playing Checkers!Checkers FreeOptime Software LLCゲーム無料Wanna learn how to play Chess too :)

Best miso soup!

My husband took me to a Hawaiian restaurant and I had miso soup and kimchi<3 I've had miso soup in US several times, but this miso soup was the best! The kimchi was also gooooood! Why a Hawaiian restaurant serves miso soup and kimchi? I ha…


I ordered these Headphones on Amazon. Source : https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B073TXDB7L/ref=ya_st_dp_summary?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It's for listening to bed time stories. I like listening to books while I'm trying to sleep 8-)


My husband and I went to our favorite Vietnamese restaurant and had our favorite noodles. It's called Vermicelli bowl. I googled its recipe and found some.First of all, I need to buy rice noodles :)

Decaf coffee

I got a bag of decaf coffee. Now, I can have some coffee at night :)!


I kind of want a knife to protect myself. They're not that expensive at all. Or should I get a gun?

Dollar Tree

I went to Dollar Tree. They sell all the stuff for $1!I bought a card for our anniversary :)And the store filled with Halloween goods👻

Apple TV

My husband bought an Apple TV.So far so good.I wanna write a review about it later!


We went to a bar tonight. Outfit Of The Day! #ootd And had some beer of course, A-N-D had Friday Fried fish dinner! It was really gooooooooooood :D Yum<3!

Went for USPS

I went to the post office on foot today. Outfit Of The Day! #ootd It was a bit hot with the outfit. Walking to the post office is a good exercise :)

Jack in the Box

It looks good! Wanna go to Jack in the Box :9!

The hitman's bodygurd

I went to see a movie with my husband the other day. The Hitman’s Bodyguard (2017) Official F*cking Trailer – Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson - YouTubeAlthough the reviews were not that good, it was more than good! Exciting and funny!Some…

Window shopping

I went to a mall and walked around with my husband. We liked these style! But I don't wanna have a bunch of pillows :P

Pickled sausage

This is my favorite snack with beer! It's a pickled sausage.It's sour and freakin' hot!


"September" sounds Autumn.I like wearing tweeds during autumn and winter. InstagramI wanna be a lady who looks gorgeous in tweeds.Like Coco CHANEL!


I went to a Mexican restaurant with my husband.I had a Tilapia plate. It was good, but not easy to eat. I mean, removing bones was a kind of irritating >:(I would order different food next time!


I went to Jolibee and had a combo. These french fries are my husband's, which means MINE too :P Jolibee is the biggest fast food restaurant in Philippines. Even McDonald's cannot beat them (in Philippines).They don't only serve good food b…

Mango ice cream

I made some Mango ice cream. But it was not that good :(Mangoes are already fantastic just the way they are!


I like the helmet with eyeballs. It's so cute! And I have copied it before :)


I watched the Disney movie "Moana" with my husband tonight! I don't really care for musical movies but I enjoy watching Disney movies. But I don't care for Disney Land :P

Nice neighborhood

We hit the road today as usual and found a nice neighborhood. It seems super expensive to live out there. Can't afford that much for the rent :(

Jager Bomb

I drank Jagermeister Bomb for the first time in ages! With Redbull. It tastes good and makes me feel good :D

New Computer

I want a new computer.Need to make money for it...!

The Simpsons

I love The Simpsons<3! Wanna watch the episode about President Trump :)

Sushi Burrito

I wanna make some Sushi Burrito! And wanna use raw fish meat but I shouldn't :( So the ingredients would be cucumber, avocado, and some fried fish? How about Fresh Kitty Burrito!? :D

Walking to the post office

I went to the post office on foot. In the outfit like this, was a bit hot today. I know I can drive there or request a pickup for the package, but I like walking. Because I believe walking is the best exercise!

Solar eclipse

I hope I can see it next time...!

Who gets the dog

Today's Netflix that we watched was... Who gets the dog!I'm not a dog person BTW ;)

Video games

I went to the bar with my husband and played some video games the other day. It was fun and cheap! Not bad at all :)

Went to Harley shop

We went to Harley shop to get fixed my husband's baby! It was too chilly to be inside the store, so I stayed in the car and took a nap while getting fixed it. And he bought a shirt while I was asleep 8-)

Little Dude

I love this little dude! He's so adorable😼"Hey dude, U leaving?"👨"Yup!"😼"Alright, have a good one!"👨"Yea, U 2!"😼"Later"👨"Later"Can you hear their conversations? ;)


I like quotes! It motivates me :)

Harley Quinn

I love Harley Quinn <3! She's sexy! So my pajama pants are... Quinn :D! I bought them at Walmart for less $10, BTW! :P


I went to this fast food restaurant "Chick-fil-A" with my husband today. He told me that's one of his favorites. Yup, the chicken they served was really good! And I liked these French fries too! Chicken and French fries, both of them went …

Teriyaki meat balls

I made some Teriyaki meat balls for lunch today. I used pork this time and it was good, but I liked using Turkey meat more!

Favorite snack

This is one of my favorite snacks! Tortilla chips with salsa souse! And don't forget the beer ;)!


I love Tina! The girl who is in the TVshow "Bob's burgar". She's a funny and always horny 13 year old girl 8-)

Spam Rice

I love this Spam, the one which is Teriyaki flavored! I made some Spam Rice :) And it was sooo good as always !

Circus Circus

Here're some photos of the circus show at the hotel "Circus Circus" in Vegas! We should've watched it several times while we were in Vegas. Because it was good and free!

Fountain show in Vegas

Here're the photos of "Fountains of Bellagio" Bellagio is one of the famous hotels in Las Vegas. And they put the show every twenty(?) minutes. We walked along the pond and watched it three times!


Outfit Of The Day! I love maxi dresses<3! What do you think ;)?

Money Rain

What a fabulous day today :D! It was money raining!!!! I got soaked by tons of money! That's what I was day dreaming of... :P

Mango Tea

I made Mango Tea today! It was a bit too sweet. I'll make it better really soon :)


I'm so into this TV show called "Hoarders". Hoarders mean people who keep things a lot. I mean, A LOT. It's considered mental illness. They're sick!! My husband started decluttering after watching this show the other day. That's one of the…


I love Programming! I had been working on my computer all day to make my job easier. And I enjoyed it! I may wanna be a programer 8-) Have a good one guys! And talk to you soon 8-)


Yesterday's meal. Today's meal! Next four days meals :) It's totally okay for me to eat the same meals everyday ;) Have a good one guys! And talk to you soon 8-)


Source : http://ift.tt/2f7Xxok I like Buddhism. Have a good one guys! And talk to you soon 8-)

Love to go for a walk!

I needed to send a package today. I could schedule a pickup request online but I went the post office on foot. Because I believe walking is the best exercise. And you can do it anytime/anywhere you want to. Plus, it's totally free! On my w…