Diary of Papiko

My ordinary days in CA, USA.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away. pic.twitter.com/jgxgXXAtOz— ぱぴこ@ミニマリストinアメリカ (@papiko8l) November 16, 2018


Some people say they don't like American cakes because they're too sweet. It only tastes sugar or something.But I love American cupcakesThey're sweet, colorful and fun!The pictures made me hungry😂

Sushi party

We had a Sushi party on Halloween!Awesome...!I wish I had a bigger stomach😂

2018 Holiday Barbie

I found her at Walmart.She's gorgeous!

Freaky Halloween costume

I like this freaky Halloween costume!I wanna put something like this on my baby in the future!


We went to ALDI and got some hamburger buns.A bag of hamburger buns was 79 cents! They're the cheapest hamburger buns I've ever seen! A bag of hotdog buns was 79 cents too! And a bag of bread was 85 cents! See you soon, ALDI!I ♡ YOU!!!

A little frog

I'm a little frog!She borrowed her friend's Halloween costume🐸❤Ribbit ribbit🐸🐸🐸

Butternut squash

My baby tried some butternut squash but she seemed she didn't like it :(But she didn't have an allergy to it so it's okay :)She's adorable whatever she does :D

Halloween cakes

I went to a grocery store and found Halloween cakes. I wish my baby could eat some with me on Halloween. Maybe next year!🎃🍬🍫🍪🍭👻


I got these bread at ALDI.The red one contains tomato and basil, and the green one contains spinach and leek.They're healthy but I don't like them.Because they taste okay but they're kind of hard :(I think I wanna make some bread crumbs ou…