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My ordinary days in CA, USA.


I watched the movie "Room".

ルーム (字幕版)

ルーム (字幕版)

  • レニー・アブラハムソン
  • ドラマ
Because of the post below.
こころにぎゅっとしみる映画「ROOM」ルーム - 日本人留学生の日常 in the U.S.
Yea, it was a good movie.
I cried a little bit :'(

If I were the mother, I would answer back to the lady who asked her so many things for a TV show or something.

The question was like this
"Of course you need him and he needs you and a parent and a son should be together we totally get it, but was that the best thing for HIM?"

It sounded like
"You kept him in the room with you, is that because of your wish? You could ask to old Nick to take him to a hospital or something. Have you ever consider what the best thing is for him? Not for you."

Yea, the question made her upset, confused and she went to a hospital for awhile.

So go back to my answer, I would say,
"Yes, I believe that to keep him with me was the best thing for him. Because I knew that, one day, I or grown upped him would save us to get out of the room and he'll say "I appreciate what you did, ma. If you let me go right after you gave a birth, I would never know you and save you. Thank you again, that you kept me and thought me things. Being with you is the best thing.""

I have no kids yet but things go like that way I think!

Thx Senbei<3!